Patient Testimonials

What our patients say about DocSpitz Performance Clinic.

"As an amateur triathlete putting in over 15 hours of training per week, my body reaches a point where it is just too tight to want to go hard anymore during training. It is during these times that I feel most vulnerable to injury during intense training sessions. I have visited Doc Spitz for treatment on strained/tight muscles and found that there many other issues to address as well. Because of a previous lower back injury years ago, maintenance is key for me to be able to perform. I have gone into his office feeling as if I would not be able to run at all for a week or more, and left with him telling me 'to go run 6 miles the next day'! I was able to not only run those miles, but felt stronger, more at ease in movement and more flexible over all and didn't miss any training time! Doc Spitz is a miracle worker, not only for athletes but for everyone else as well!

Christy Williams
Elite Multisport Coaching | Team Member

"I recently went to see Dr. Toby after I had been in a "rear-end" collision and was pushed into the car in front of me. I was having extreme back pain immediately after the accident. My wife who had already been going to Dr. Toby for neck trouble suggested that I give Dr. Toby a call. Due to my situation, he was able to get me in that very night, no questions asked.

Having had pain all day long, I wasn't expecting much relief after one treatment. Dr. Toby had many techniques that I had never experienced before by a chiropractor. Much to my surprise, by the time I had left his office that night my pain had been seriously diminished to just muscle soreness.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Dr. Toby."

John M | Morrison, CO

"I went to see Dr. Spitzlberger when my son, Gideon, was 3 days old. He was having trouble getting air out of his little body and I knew Dr. Spitz could help him (and me!) get some relief. He talked me through each touch, constantly including me in the process, so I felt very comfortable. I heard tremendous amounts of air gently come out of my son and I felt him completely relax. After Gideon fell asleep, Dr. Spitz relieved me of pregnancy and post partum aches and pains! This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I am so grateful and impressed! Dr. Spitz is very kind, thorough, and I completely trust him with my entire family."

Sarah Giesige | Littleton, CO

"Riding motorcycles for years has taken a major toll on my upper and middle back, not to mention my neck. Toby has done one amazing job ensuring that I am no longer in pain and have full mobility. I can ride again! His time working small inflamed muscles that I didn't even think were a problem only proved how desensitized I had become to the pain. When I mentioned a muscle in my back that has plagued since an accident over 25 years ago, he said, "We'll get that!" and that muscle is less painful after each visit!

I can't believe how much younger I feel each day. It was after only one session with him that I realized, THIS GUY IS AWESOME! "

Jim Armagost

"I have been seeing Dr. Spitzlberger for a few months now. Because chiropractic can be so sensitive, I am often leery of having someone other than my usual doctor work on me. I can honestly say though, that I have never been more pleased with the work of another chiropractor than I have of the work of Dr. Spitzlberger. He is a very thorough and attentive doctor, paying special attention to the problem areas, all while making sure I am comfortable. He explains the purpose of his work and also gives great suggestions on how I can feel better between visits. I would absolutely recommend friend and family to Dr. Spitzlberger."

Sharon Vogt | Centennial, CO